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Private Asset Management

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Private Asset Management

We Help You Invest for the Future You Desire

As an investor, you have two primary concerns: maximizing returns and minimizing risk. It’s a simple enough equation on paper, but achieving these two objectives in reality requires more than just casual weekend investing in the stock market. At Estes Wealth Strategies, our advisors strive to help you achieve these two objectives—and we view it as a long-term commitment to helping you reach your personal financial goals.

We offer securities through Raymond James Financial Services, Inc., member FINRA/SIPC and an independent broker/dealer.

By choosing the advisors at Estes Wealth Strategies to manage your investments, you benefit from our deep financial experience and world-class investment research and resources. In delivering these services, four things set us apart:

  • Highest quality investments. As independent advisors, we are not limited to any one brand or class of investments. This allows us to be picky in selecting “best of class” investments for our clients which we believe provide the best overall value.
  • Uncompromised objectivity. We get paid a small annual percentage of the assets we manage for clients, which means our interests are completely aligned with yours. You can trust that we’ll never recommend an investment unless we truly believe it represents the best value for your portfolio.
  • Cutting-edge research and technology. In forming our investment recommendations, we draw on the best independent investment research available, culled from a variety of respected sources. We also use the latest investment technologies to analyze and model complex portfolio scenarios.
  • Active management. Asset management is not a passive responsibility. We’re constantly monitoring your investments and looking for opportunities to improve performance.

Ultimately, your success is our success. Our entire business is focused on making sure that the investments you have entrusted to our care are working for you—and only you. It’s a privilege and a responsibility we take very seriously.