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corporate retirement plans

Taking Care of Business—with Employee Retirement Benefits

You want to take care of the people who help you take care of your business. Offering a high-quality retirement savings plan is one way to do that—not to mention, it’s a key tool for recruiting and retaining top talent.

That said we’ve never met a business executive who wanted to have to worry about the day-to-day details of their company’s 401(k) plan. Someone has to stay on top of it to ensure quality, compliance and performance—it just doesn’t have to be you.

The advisors at Estes Wealth Strategies specialize in designing and managing high-quality retirement plans for businesses and nonprofits, so you can focus on the important work of running and growing the business. Our corporate retirement plan services include:

Retirement Plan Evaluation and Analysis
When was your plan's last checkup? Is your investment lineup still appropriate? Is the cost of your plan competitive? Are you meeting the 404(c) safe harbor requirements? Does your plan's record keeper provide timely and accurate services?

We help evaluate your current retirement benefits and develop strategies designed to maximize employee satisfaction and fulfill your fiduciary responsibilities as a plan sponsor—without breaking the bank. We can also review your plan’s current performance compared to other providers and industry benchmarks.

If a change is needed, we recommend potential providers whose capabilities and strengths align with your objectives and manage the proposal solicitation process with qualified vendors. As independent advisors, we aren’t tied to any specific 401(k) product—which means our primary incentive is to find the plan that is the most appropriate for your employees.

Retirement Plan Conversion, Installation and Monitoring
Once a provider is selected and approved, we help coordinate all aspects of the retirement plan’s conversion and installation. This includes ensuring the provider’s investment menu for employees meets all objectives, identifying and addressing any fiduciary risks that may affect the plan, and supporting efforts to encourage employee participation.

As your plan’s financial advisor, we continue to monitor and manage these areas over time. Ultimately our goal is to help you manage the costs and risks of providing this valuable benefit to employees, while maintaining quality, transparency and reliability.

Employee Education and Advisory Services
Many plan sponsors say that they and their employees don't receive enough personal attention from their retirement plan provider. Our advisors make it a priority to be accessible to employees and play and active role in your plan’s success.

In addition to enrollment and education seminars, we produce a periodic e-newsletter, customized to your company, to help educate employees about the importance of retirement savings, strategies for building their retirement nest egg, and the investment options offered by your company’s plan. We are also always available via phone and email to answer employee questions.

Executive Compensation Strategies
In addition to retirement plans, we help companies fund and manage executive compensation options for their most valued employees, including profit sharing programs and deferred compensation programs.